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We make award-winning videos for non-profits,
tech companies, and other organizations.


New Southern Films is a full service commercial video production and post-production company.
As experienced storytellers, we've traveled the world shooting film and video for various non-profits, businesses and governmental organizations. We pride ourselves in creating top-notch content.
Remote or local, we care about your project.

What's your next adventure? Email us at
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We're a media production company.

We provide award-winning scripting, shooting, directing, editing, motion graphics, 

multimedia design, branded video content, social media content, product demos, and more.

Our approach toward creating stories is pretty simple: we work to understand the unique purpose of each video, put the right team in place to bring it to life, and to produce the most creative, effective and cost-efficient videos for you.

Go here to see our portfolio of video work.

As filmmakers with decades of experience, we offer our clients a customized, creative approach to creating dynamic new content. Our producers, directors, camera folks, writers, motion graphic artists and editors understand the intricacies and sensitivities of shooting in the most demanding of environments. We're great at pre-planning and working closely with clients to meet deadlines, while remaining flexible to accommodate last minute changes. And one of our favorite things to do is remote editing: we take existing files, via Dropbox or YouSendIt, etc, and create a full-fledged, beautiful video for you. It's a new day for video editing!

But technical perfection alone doesn't produce outstanding productions. Anyone can make pretty pictures. You can have the prettiest, emptiest film imaginable. It takes compelling ideas, a true understanding of story and people, and the communications skills to produce highly effective content.

Boutique. Experienced. Passionate. Talented.
Big enough to handle any project, small enough to turn on a dime.


Since 1999, we've been mounting high-impact, award-winning video and multimedia productions. Polly Schattel and team have worked on hundreds of commercial, documentary and film shoots across the country, and even the world. From shooting green screen with the BBC in Atlanta to interviewing a rescue victim for Coast Guard Alaska; from working with Volvo in Austria and Germany to directing a pilot for Animal Planet; from an Air Tran live on-air video press release to working with Native Americans teenagers in Alaska for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; from creating a mini-documentary for the Raleigh, NC-based think tank Institute for Emerging Issues, to being commissioned to create a music series for Paste Magazine and Moog Music, and many more, Polly has been at the forefront of media creation for almost twenty years.

  • "When Polly Schattel shoots something, she totally rocks it."​​
    Laura Hope-Gill, Director, Thomas Wolfe Center for Narrative, Lenoir-Rhyne University

  • "I worked with Polly when our company needed an instructional video for one of its products. The video was shot so well I was able to use it in a variety of different ways, extending its value many times over. You couldn't ask for a better collaborator. Top-shelf work at a very fair price." 
    Susan Yost, Dynamic Systems

  • "Polly was amazing to work with! From the quality of the work to the communication from her. Just outstanding! I would recommend Polly to anyone looking for a video professional.

             Seth Freeman, WeKno


  • "One amazing team, patient and super extra-skilled. I had a long project and it was done on time and it looks amazing--professional and done by a pro!! One word to describe Polly and her team is amazing!!!

          Alejandra Veder,

  • “Polly is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her work product is excellent, she is open and easy to communicate with, and she's an all around fun person to interact with. Highly recommended."

          Justin Paxton, Futuri​



Polly 2020.jpg

New Southern Films works with many talented producers, directors of photography and others, but it essentially revolves around filmmaker Polly Schattel.


Originally from Birmingham, AL, Polly was trained as a journalist, but soon moved into filmmaking. Since then she has worked with cable networks, Oscar and Emmy-winners, rock stars, thought leaders, non-profits, think tanks, politicians, painters, advertising agencies, composers, athletes, writers, activists, photographers, veterans, corporate executives, physicians, filmmakers and more--even a canine detective. Her award-winning work has been shown at film festivals and on televisions and movie screens across America and around the world.


After her debut feature film, the 35mm Sinkhole, won Best Feature at the 2005 Indie Memphis Film Festival, Polly's work was invited multiple times to participate in the Independent Feature Project, and several of her scripts were optioned by LA and NYC production companies. Her other films include the Best Feature award-winners Alison and Quiet River. She has lectured and taught acting at the One On One School in New York City, Directing for Film at Western Carolina University, and screenwriting and non-linear editing at various colleges, community colleges and acting schools across the South.


Polly feels her writing and journalistic background has been crucial to her films and videos. Her first novel, The Occultists, was released from JournalStone Press in July 2020. She prefers to work with small but talented teams, but has directed casts and crews of over a hundred people. She uses state of the art equipment like Canon, Blackmagic 4K and RED cameras, and primarily favors Canon L-Series lenses, though vintage Nikons are always welcome on her sets.

Proudly and passionately transgender, Polly serves on the boards of both Women AdvaNCe (a North Carolina women's advocacy group) and Girls Rock AVL. She is based out of the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, where she lives with her wife and son and three dogs and two cats.



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